I am looking back at a time before we made the move to Staten Island, the move made an important impact on us all. My mother had a new great outlook on life, but her body wasn’t doing so well. I think all those years of chasing my dad and our horrible living conditions took a toll on her health. She was hospitalized quite a few times, the doctors were many in her life, all with different specialties. She had a blood disorder that caused blood clots, lupus, cancer, an enlarged spleen and liver problems. Go figure, my father did all the drinking and my mother had a bad liver. Let’s remember the Witch always went to the table for answers. Her 52 friends, the cards, would help her decide on doctors, surgery and anything else that came up. In my family we did not do anything without consulting the cards first, even for medical issues. One time she was asking the card about a medical issue for herself and the cards told her a child would get sick and have serious problems. I had taken my son every weekend to his grandparent’s house to visit them. Not having any grandparents myself, I always wanted him to see his. My son was really hoping his father would show up but he never did. My son’s dad was a lousy son to his parents and horrible father to my son. On one of his visits to his grandparents, my son came home with a head injury. I asked my son “how did you get that?” He said that he was standing in front of the Johnny pump, the water was turned on, it threw him in the air, and he landed on his head. A short time after that day we had a Tierney family reunion in Upstate NY. I had filmed the entire weekend and everything we did together. While we were still upstate, I decided to watch the video, I noticed my son was in the middle of approximately 20 of his cousins, he was just starring and turning in a circle. I asked the other children what was going on, they replied “Michael does that all the time and doesn’t answer anyone”. I immediately took him to the doctors, I then saw it for myself, he was in a trans like state. They diagnosed him with idiopathic epilepsy and gave him medication. The medication didn’t help at all, he got worse. Naturally we went to the cards and they advised us to see other doctors. We really listened to the cards and did exactly that. We were dealing with so many medical problems all at once, between my mom who had a change of heart and now had real heart issues too. I took my son from doctor to doctor. His learning was impaired and sometimes his speech was affected too. My cards were telling me to travel to a different doctor and to go over water, I thought it was Staten Island. It wasn’t, I did go to NYC and finally started to find some answers. He was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain. I was going to work day and night to make as much money as I could to pay for his care and doctors. His father was a cop and was covered by GHI. Unfortunately for us none of the specialist or doctors took GHI so I had to pay up front for his treatment. I would complete and submit the medical forms hoping to recoup some of the funds but since the insurance was in his father’s name the reimbursement check would go to him and he kept all the money. He didn’t care about anyone but himself. 

I went down to the PBA office explained the situation and the answer I received was “Sorry Lady we pay the member only”. It didn’t matter that I paid the bills, the fact was we were divorced, and he got the money. I was beside myself, I had an ill child who might have brain surgery and he was stealing my money that I needed for my child’s care. A few years later, exhausted and tired of not getting any child support, paying all the doctor’s bills, I took Michael’s father to court for support. It cost several thousand dollars plus my time, effort and energy.  The courts loved cops they told him to pay but he enjoyed wasting my time in court costing more and more every month that went by.  He embarrassed the judge and never paid a red cent to me, so they were forced to garnish his paycheck for a big $25 a week, what a joke, shame on them!!!  Favoritism at its best.  I found out at some point, if you own a home and do not work you can get Medicaid. So I applied and was approved. My mother now had to apply for Medicaid as well. She never worked, only at home. What a mess and what a pickle we were in. No child support, no medical insurance, at least not one that would pay for my son’s treatment/care. I went from chasing drunks to chasing doctors and clinics. The Witches were at the table often, looking to see if they would survive these illnesses. One aunt decided to move away from the table and suggested we all should go to a healing mass. There was a healing mass in Worcester, MA. We left on our journey and arrived a few days early just to get seats up front. It was a Roman Catholic Church, there were thousands of people in attendance Father Ralph DiOrio was the healing priest. We had slept on the steps of this church and were the first in line. I believe that a miracle happened that day. My son was blessed by Father DiOrio, who was standing next to him. My son fell to the floor. It was so surreal, I cannot explain it in words, the feelings that we felt just from being near this priest. I also believe my son is alive today because of that healing. He was blessed and healed from God through Father DiOrio sacred hands. There is nothing stronger than the Power of Faith. So back to Staten Island we went happy he was blessed. I went back to driving all day to doctors and working all night. My mother never drove or had a license, so it was up to me to get everyone to their appointments. I was chief cook and bottle washer in every sense of the word. The cards were still dark with illnesses even poor Fred my mother’s boyfriend had lung cancer. I was taking all three of them to chemo clinics and radiation, I didn’t have a chance to catch my breath. To top things off, my youngest brother almost went into a coma from juvenile diabetes. I remember one day walking out of the drugstore with a shopping bag in a daze, I was still looking for the right doctor, who knew it was right underneath my feet. I worked at a nightclub in Brooklyn and one of my co-workers had a child with a spinal issue, she had a Neuro pediatric surgeon for her child.  We previously had a dinner party for him and many fundraisers for the cause. I now found myself at his office with my son consulting on his brain surgery. It surely is a small world. The cards now told me that we were in the right place for my son. We spent the next few years with many, many, health issues for several who lived in our household. That did not stop us from having fun we had our pool parties, Sunday dinners and many other parties that my mom would think of. Let’s not forget making chocolate houses and other chocolate creations to give to the nurses and doctors who cared for them. 

We even sold the chocolates to make extra money. They also did ceramics which I believe was the best therapy. Many were sick but all were happy in our house. The cards were still on the table at night with my aunts and cousins doing what they did best, read each other. I was sorry I did not listen to the cards back then, the man I chose to be my son’s father was a rotten human being. I guess my son’s soul was meant to be here with me and I am forever blessed. I was young and blind, but all worked out in the end. That old saying youth is wasted on the young well I have a better saying that involves the 52 people (the cards) “Great vision is wasted on the vision seeker” no one really listens.



I always use the expression, me, myself and I, what a gang! After leaving my dirty rotten cheating husband, I finally found my footing and myself but now with a much bigger gang in tow. My mother, some of my siblings and my son were all living together in an overcrowded apartment. We moved several times and eventually rented two apartments inBrooklyn in the same building.  We split up into the two apartments but we would still beclose together. I had to make more money and fast. The opportunity came to work in a luncheonette that was attached to the bar my father worked at when he was alive.  Of course, there were always familiar faces and they knew I had to feed my gang. Everyone in the neighborhood knew our family life history. This luncheonette was across the street from the factories on 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn. The factory workers had the same lunchtime, they would rush in like a herd of cattle.  It was a stressful nightmarish job, 30 to 40 people all packed in the luncheonette like sardines ordering their lunch. I became a great short-order cook, needless to say, made different sandwiches and prepared lunches. After a while I learned the business well and knew the clientele, what they would order and the kind of sandwiches that were most popular. I became so good at it always very prepared for the lunchtime rush. It was slower in the afternoon so I would go over to the bar and try to learn as much as I could about tending bar. I watched my father for many years I became a natural at it.  It must have been in our blood. I then found myself working at the bar filling in when a bartender didn’t show up for work.        At the time, I thought how fantastic it was just standing and serving drinks, better than standing over that hot grill. The restaurant business was hard work the customers were very needy when dealing with theirfood orders. I decided to leave the luncheonette for the diner on 5th Ave. I knew it was hard being a waitress but I could make good tips and still fill in at the bar. After proving that I was dependable and a hard worker they hired me full time at the bar so I left the restaurant and put my energy into being the best bartender I could be. I then got an additional bartending job which filled my days so I could make good money to take care of the family. I had many mouths to feed. One of the bars didn’t like being in the competition with the other bar in the same neighborhood, so they let me go.  In turn, my Aunt who worked as a waitress in a hotel in upstate Liberty, NY got me a weekend waitress job. Again, it was such hard work I had to carry at least 20 diners on a tray to the tables with big groups. I made good money but I earned every penny. My Aunt also owned a local bar and my sister lived with her while going to college. My sister worked the bar and sometimes when I was up there we worked the bar together. The Witch taught us both how to read cards well and my upstate Aunt read cards equally as well as my mother. The three of us took our turn at reading cards at the table just like at home.  It was just like in Brooklyn,women looking for their cheating husbands and my aunt was their local card reader. There was always a deck of cards behind the bar, no matter what bar I worked in, Brooklyn or Upstate. There was a deck waiting to be read and someone wanting to be read. The patrons at the bars knew we read cards and asked many times to help them get answers that the cards could provide. Sometimes the questions were ridiculous like can I win if I bet on the Jets. I have learned from the past, never leave home without my deck of cards. They arealways in my car, bag, home, and any business I go to. Someone is always in dire need to ask the cards a question. Since I was working hard and making good money my motherhad a brainstorm of an idea to buy a house and go back to Staten Island.  Now the pressure was on to get out of the two apartments and buy a house. The neighbors and neighborhood knew we needed to achieve this goal. Everyone in the neighborhood pitched in and helped when someone needed it. So if something happen to fall off a truck (wink wink) it was in my house for sale. The Witch knew the entire neighborhood and sold items like crazy. If someone took a run down south to get a load of cigarettes they were delivered to our apartment and the Witch was their greatest saleslady. Back in the day everyone smoked so they sold quickly. We were on a mission to get the heck out of Brooklyn. I didn’t care how or when it happened as long as my gang was happy and that in turn made me happy too. I found my happy place going out dancing, drinking and being entertained by some crazycharacters. I was very busy working but always found time for fun, for a moment or an hour it was worth it, crazy or not. I figured if I was going to be working this hard that it would be cheaper paying a mortgage than paying two rents on the apartments. I was working three jobs by this time and trying to save the down payment for a house plus all the other expenses. At this point the Witch became the best mother to the last 3 children and the best Nana to my son.  Getting this home for her felt right. The children came first and they were so happy that we were buying a house in Staten Island and knowing we would all be together. I started on my mission to purchasing a house it took me three years but I did it and bought our house on Staten Island. I was happy knowing my son would grow up in a home and not some crazy apartment in Brooklyn, as I did. The gang wasexcited and happy that we had a house of our own with a pool and a yard. Everyone looked forward to having fun pool parties and more.


I worked at a donut shop as a counter girl from the age of thirteen to the age of seventeen. This gave me another nickname which was Dolly donuts. The last donut shop I worked at was on Fulton and Flatbush Ave. This was a bigger donut shop which made it popular with the cops from the neighborhood Precinct. They came in and out all day long. Almost every one of them wanted me to meet their front desk trainee, his name was Charlie Deebs. The cops would have to call into the precinct when they were on break so they used the phone in the shop. Charlie would answer the calls and they would put me on the phone to speak to him. These cops were very determined to get us together. After a while, it became very natural to talk to him. Charlie would make me laugh which was unusual I was always the one to make others laugh. I did tell the Witch that I was talking to the trainee, before I knew it the gang of witches let me know they knew too. You couldn’t keep a secret from the Witch and her 52 people, her cards. They were wondering when I was going to tell them about Charlie. The Witch gave me the scoop on the trainee. She stated “my cards don’t like him and if you were smart get out now!” I was curious so I sat at the table and watched her draw the cards. One card was darker than the other, it said he was a fox and a schemer he had an overindulgence I would not want to deal with. I didn’t tell these Witches sitting at the table I had no intention of listening to the cards. I was very young and strong-minded and thought I could change fate. The Witch always had a comment before I left for work she let me know I was choosing a bad guy. I thought they would have been happy because this guy had a real job. Most of the guys in the neighborhood were in the schoolyard passed out on the floor from doing heavy drugs or a drop out working at the local supermarket. Charlie was from Bensonhurst his family owned a two-family house with a two-car garage. He had a mother, two brothers and father who came home every day after work. I went to their house and it seemed so normal the mother in the kitchen cooking and the father at the table reading a newspaper talking about stocks and the market. Not like our dysfunctional family, the section in the newspaper they went to first was to see if anyone hit the number so they could collect their money from their local bookmaker. If they were lucky the won $300. The other section of the newspaper they looked at was the races which were going to run that day. It was very important to check it before calling the bookmaker they had to choose the right jockey or trainer of the horse they would bet on. They would be drinking and it wasn’t coffee. I thought it was strange for a father to be home all the time and not even drinking booze. I didn’t see at the time what the cards were saying was true. The Witch also let me know when the cards would tell her that Charlie had other girlfriends. I felt like I was fighting the cards and the Witch was off on her readings. She was good and helped many women know the truth about their men. I would see Charlie day and night we went to the bar where my father was working. They didn’t like him because he was a cop and they were crooks. What else did I expect?  I was against the odds but still I was sure he was the one. His mother started giving me trouble, she told Charlie to leave me because I came from the bars and people in bars are trash. Needless to say, no one wanted us together. I learned well from the Witch, I did a spell to keep everyone at bay and away from breaking us up. My father died within the year Charlie came into my life. The Witch and my father didn’t talk to me because of Charlie, I ran away and got married. It is sad my Dad died not talking to me. I was hurt because he was my heart even though he wasn’t a good father I loved him very much!     Let’s cut to the chase… After marrying Charlie I was doing the cards all the time to find out where he was and what he was up to.  Yep, the cards were right he smoked pot all the time which I never knew. He drank which I believed was my fault because I got him a side job at the bar. He had many girlfriends, talk about how love is blind, boy oh boy I knew that all too well. The first year we were married I had gotten pregnant, I was only eighteen at the time. I worked at the telephone company on the switchboard and now was pregnant.  I became curious about my own telephone number, there was only one section on the switchboard for verifying.  This was where you could go in on a telephone number and make sure the busy signal was real. People would call worried about their loved ones, so we would check the line and confirm they were on the line. The cards told me again and again, I would catch him so I decided to go into my own telephone line to see if anyone was calling me. I then heard Charlie on the line with a girl, telling her he loved her. I ran out of work to go home, when I got there he was gone. He wrote me a letter telling me “he was sorry”. This was the start of my nightmare that had me sitting at the kitchen table with the Witch and all the others. As usual, we would bring out the cards and the big guns to find that dirty rotten cheater. Needless to say, I was still helping my mom with money I did promise my dad I would always take care of her and the children since he couldn’t and he knew he was dying young. I had to work two jobs to do that and having my own son, Charlie was never home was very hard. One day, I did the ESP board at my moms and it said go home now. I thought to myself, this is strange no one would be there.  So we then asked the cards a question “should I go home” it said “Yes”. The Ouija was brought out we asked the Ouija board and it said the same thing, “Go home!”.  I left my son with my mother and went home. There they were a girl and my husband in my bed.  Let’s just say what a fight we had.   I was crazy back then certainly not going to let anyone make a fool out of me and let them get what’s coming to them. I left the next day my son was only one years old. I was giving my mom money to help run the house,  why not go and live back with them and I knew my son would have plenty of kids to play with. Then we started a new venture and went back to live with my mom and siblings. This was the start of a path that made the roller coaster look like a walk in the park.


It was a hot summer day. I was hanging out the window and saw a pregnant woman running into my building. She was someone we knew from the neighborhood, I knew her well. She was running up the stairs screaming help me find that dirty dog. The woman was crying and screaming at the same time. By the time she reached our door at the top of the steps she was having a hard time breathing. She ran into our kitchen where the Witch and two other relatives were sitting, as usual reading cards at the table. The woman sat down they all tried to console her. She begged my mom to help her find her husband. She explained to them before leaving the house her husband was all dressed up with plenty of cologne on. The Witch stood up pointed at me and said “It’s time for you to show us what you are capable of.” The Witch told me to sit at the head of the table next to the woman and handed me the deck of cards. I gave the cards to the woman and asked her to shuffle them. I then took them back and placed the cards in the layout which was very familiar to me. I could do that layout in my sleep because of the many years watching my mom lay them out. The cards spoke of her worries of losing her husband. She had two children and another on the way. Money was tight and I believed that to be true. Her husband was not giving in all that he made and hid money from his wife. The cards were also saying he did traveling while he made money, the wife confirmed he was a cab driver. It got worse when I had to explain to her he was cheating and this wasn’t the first time he cheated. I kept reading and she kept crying. All she could say was “Where is he, I need to find him!” The Witch got up and went into the living room to get the boards. This was weird, me reading and my mom & aunts were quiet until the woman demanded to find him. The Witch came back and put the ESP board and the Ouija board on the table, she handed me the pendulum. I moved the pendulum around top of the board. I asked the board to tell me “Where is John?” The ESP board gave me a telephone number and said to ask for Jack. It did that a few times. The Witch then took that board away, and she wrote down everything it said. Then gave me the Ouija board, I moved the heart-shaped piece with a needle in the middle of the board and around the board. It spelled out the name Jack and gave the same number as the ESP board. I remember I was feeling kind of spooky. I don’t know why, maybe because I was doing all of this myself. I watched my mother for years do these things and just thought she was crazy, now I felt crazy. It was surreal!! The ESP and Ouija board were talking the same talk. The Witch jumped up and said let’s call that number and handed me the phone. I dialed the number after a few rings a man answered the phone and said “Harry’s Bar and Grill”, who you looking for? I said “I would like to speak to Jack”. I waited then a man with a familiar voice said “This is Jack”. I hung up the phone immediately, it was John and he knew my voice. Hanging up was the only thing I could think of.  I didn’t want him to know it was me. All the woman at the table were starring at me and said “What are you doing?” I told them what happened now the faces of these women were surely showing signs they were on a mission. Here we go and now I am the leader of this pack. I had to call back that number and find out where Harry’s Bar and Grill was located. I got the address it was in Queens. Could it get any more complicated than this, no one had a car.  I was instructed to go down to the bar below and get someone to drive us to Queens. 

We lived in Brooklyn and just thinking of Queens was like a faraway place from us. AI had to go downstairs to rope a dope someone and really talk the talk for them to help me.  I found a guy to drive us I convinced him we needed to get to Queens to help a relative. He believed me he drove the three of us, the wife of John, my Aunt and myself to Queens. Years ago guys were different they just helped any woman in distress. That was a time you just reacted and did whatever it took to get things done. At the time, I really didn’t think of what we were doing. We arrived to Queens, the driver pulled up in front of the bar. Before I could get out of the car, John’s wife jumped out of the car.  She ran into the bar, I was running after her. She sees her husband at the bar kissing a young girl. She attacked him punching, screaming and cursing up a storm.  She then pulls the girl’s hair and drags her down to the floor. What a scene!!!! I was trying to break them up and got beaten up myself.  The drama finally stopped, the wife and husband went home by themselves. The guy who drove me was so mad at me, he felt terrible for that husband.

I thought to myself he was not seeing the real picture here. The driver and I had our own arguments on the way home.  I lied to him about a relative needing help and that made him mad as a dog. I said we had to catch that dirty dog, his wife was pregnant and he shouldn’t be cheating on her. I kept trying to explain my side to the driver he didn’t want to hear it. It must be a man thing they could do no wrong.

This was such a crazy day in the life of a Witch!!! I am talking about my mother who went beyond to catch a dirty cheating dog belonging to someone else. This was true of course because the Witch had her own experiences with her own dirty dog, my father. It was my first big mission I think I did well and so well that I was taught a good lesson. I did learn after that to never to get in the middle of others peoples affairs, not only was exhausting I had many bruises from getting in the middle of a husband and his pregnant wife. ……

I learned my lesson fast. Ha ha ha ….

Tightrope Tierney…Tightwad Pop/Teabags…Diner…Cops in Donut Shop. Verrazano Bridge…$20 Bet/Pop in Psych Ward…How Crazy can Life Get?

I was in my late teens back then when I changed my job to work a much bigger donut shop. This was on Fulton and Flatbush ave. the donut shop connected the two avenues from the front of the store to the back. Boy, I was in the dough then. It had three counters that wrapped around. I was so busy making money, I was in my glory. I bought better clothes and shoes, oh boy I was in style. The neighborhood cops would always come in and out all day. I felt protected and safe. I took the train down to Dekalb Ave after school every day. I didn’t have far to walk, the train station was on the corner near the donut shop. Juniors restaurant was across the street and there was a college not far from the donut shop. Talk about a busy area this was it. I was even invited by the college students to join the parties on the weekend. The cops that came in regularly talked about their trainee that worked their front desk at the Precinct. They wanted me to meet him, his name was Charlie Deebs. Got real friendly with the cops that came in and out all day. This felt weird because my father was a crook and the bars I grew up in were all wise guys. My father had to be the only Irishman they allowed in their circle. I didn’t meet that trainee until later months. I did date a few young cops. I would bring them to the bar where my father was tending sometimes. This was stupid what was I thinking. My father was such a charmer he made fun of them. He would even tell them don’t ever get out of order I might just shoot you with your gun. My father meant it too. I then learned never to say I was related to him. I warned my dad I wouldn’t go there if he told them he was my father. I knew he wanted me there so he listened. One night I had a date brought them to the bar and later we went to the diner. This was a ritual back then. You danced and drank all night and always went to the neighborhood dinner afterward. My father followed us. I saw he sat in a booth in the back but I could see him very clearly. My father was drunk and quiet for a change. He knew not to act as he knew me. My date noticed him and started laughing. I said what’s so funny. He said that guy over there ordered a cup of hot water and pulled out a tea bag made his tea and started eating the crackers and jelled that were on the table. Yes, this was my dad so embarrassing, he had no shame. I was more embarrassed when the guy found out it was my dad. The next day I gave my dad a piece of my mind. He told me I should be grateful you can’t trust anyone and he was looking out for me. I had to accept this crazy man he was after all my father. One day I went into work so happy knowing I might meet this trainee Deebs. Everyone in the shop knew me as Dolly, this was my nickname. When one of the cops came in hysterical and waving the newspaper. I thought he is crazy. He slapped it down on the counter where other officers were and said look at this. Frontpage big as day, my father getting pulled down from the bridge. Headlines read “Tightrope Tierney climbs Verrazano Bridge”. Oh boy, I was so sick, I thought I was going to throw up. One of the cops said are you ok you look a little pale. If he only knew then that it was my father on the front page. Thank God no one knew my real name was Emily Tierney. I told my boss I had to leave my mother called and demanded that I come home right away. I left the donut shop so quick I forgot my tips. I went home and the Witch was waiting for me downstairs at the front door. We jumped in a cab and went to the VA hospital where my father was in the psych ward. There we were all sitting around a big table and my father in a straight jacket. He looked so mad. My dad kept saying it was only a $20 bet to climb the bridge that is why I did it. He wanted my mother to admit he was a betting man. My father keeps yelling at my mom to tell the doctors he was not insane. This Witch was as calm as could be with a smirk on her face. The Witch stood up took my hand and said let’s go and turned to the doctors and said you really should check him out he is crazy. My father was cursing and saying Edie I am gonna kill you for this. My mom just turned to the doctor and said see I told you he is crazy. I have six children of his and he wants to kill me, ha. I would say my mother let him stew in that crazy place for at least a month. Then she went down to sign him out when he calmed down and knew he needed her to get out. He was never violent ever, not to her nor us children. He was crazy in his way of the lifestyle he leads. My father was just glad togged out and round around again. He stayed home a week or two made my mother happy then went back to his crazy girlfriends and the bars. He was nicer to my mom and still afraid of going back to that psych ward. The moral of this story is never mess with a woman who has been betrayed by a man. They can lock you up and throw away the key. He was lucky that Witch loved him beyond. 


My father came from a large family. It was very common for death to knock on our door, they had a lot of tragedies in my father’s family. This made the Witch and her in-laws go to the table more often. They would take out the cards, Ouija, and the ESP board looking for answers. They used to sit around and I would hear them say the phase “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, who is the next one to go”.The mission was to find out how an accident happened, or just to find out where or when it happened and what or who was next. They used all avenues to find out. So that meant all hands on deck (cards, Ouija, and the ESP board). The cards would tell if other people were there or how it happened. The Ouija and ESP board would spell out the names or places they needed. Sometimes the cards would say a young man will be dying soon and the ESP board would disagree and say an older man was dying. It was no surprise to these Witches when that happened, to see two deaths, one young man and one older man would pass within weeks of each other. Naturally, if someone was very sick in their family people in the neighborhood would come and look for the same answers. The Witch predicted many deaths and they were always spot on. I remember one time they had a Seance the same week after burying one of the relatives. They all gathered at a relatives house far away and sat at the big round table holding hands. I was a young teen then and thought they were just nuts. Sitting with the cousins and siblings in the living room we could hear them very clearly. My mother and another relative were the only ones talking to the spirits on the other side, I knew this because the names they were calling were dead. They kept asking one relative who died for money. They were very sure he was going to help them. Then I saw the Witch jump up and said he told me to go into the bathroom. Now everyone at the table went there too. My mother started pulling down a dixie cup they had in a dispenser. A $20 bill came out, boy that was some trick I thought, except no one had money. She did that a few times and they were all in their glory. They got three $20 bills from doing that. I saw this with my own eyes, it happened that one time but never again. Another way the Witch would call on the other side was just sitting with a person who wanted to connect to their loved one by taking out the cards. They would start by asking questions to the person who passed. The Witch got answers and the persons who came were always glad my mother could help them get answers. There were all kinds of questions, there was no end to their mission or answers they wanted to get. There was so much death back then it was a ritual to go to a wake in a funeral home at least once a year. This made the young girls in the neighborhood getting pregnant early in life a breath of fresh air. That was common, back then young girls getting pregnant out of wedlock. There was never a dull moment !!!


I learned early how to multi-task, that was the only way to make sure you had a buck. Never mind that the Witch made hers from anything that fell off a truck. She taught me well. I would watch her read everyone’s cards and that was for free, then make sure they saw the items she put out on the couch. She knew they would buy something and the Witch made money. That went on all the time  when lived on 49th st. I also networked with the customers at the custard store where I worked. I would let them know when I was on the corner shining shoes. I bought my shoe shine box from the money I made at the custard store. When someone needed a shine they would find me, they were loyal customers. On that same corner of 49th st. at Christmas time I would deliver Christmas trees for a quarter. Let us not forget babysitting on the weekend nights. The Witch was a good teacher, being on Welfare gave me the drive to get more. The food we received from Welfare was horrible. The lines were long and so not worth it, but we had many mouthes to feed. We would get powdered milk, powdered mashed potatoes and a long block of cheese that tasted as bad as it looked., plus the spam we received instead of ham. Now that we moved up to 7th ave. we wanted even more. The bigger apartment we needed items to fill this big space. The Witch started putting furniture and stuff on layaway. She still had the stuff that fell off the truck to sell to pay it off. Now people from the old neighborhood would come and new neighbors too all to have their cards read. The Witch was busy reading all the time. I now worked for the donut shop and my uncle hired me when he had odd jobs to do for people. I was his helper and worked like a dog. He gave me a miter box, I felt so important. Who knew his motive was to make me work harder than ever. He would put up wall panels and I would cut the moldings with my miter box. We painted, put up wallpaper and everything else. He taught me how to place the wallpaper on the walls. He also showed me how to make it a straight line by using a string and a heavy object like scissors on the bottom of the string to keep it from moving. Then I would place it at the top of the ceiling and let it hang to the floor. This would make a straight line and I would line up the paper to paste it on the wall. My uncle always gave me a few bucks for a hard day’s work. The Witch now was starting a new network. There was a man that offered her a job to do at home. It was piece work and for pennies, she had to do many pieces to add up to dollars. She would get a gross of pieces that would be glued, linked together with needle-nose pliers or just attach these small items to make earrings or necklaces. He paid her $15 a gross. Well, the Witch had a great idea, by giving out the work and making money on that work. The Witch then had the whole neighborhood wanting to work at home with this jewelry. She paid them $10 for every gross they did. The Witch was in the dough, she made $5 on every gross that was put together by anyone wanting to make a few extra bucks. Times were tuff so they were many moms doing this homework while caring for their children. They all still came and got their free reading while picking up their work. What a gig, she was one smart bitch of a Witch. That maneuver gave her the money to buy meat at the butcher. The piece work and items from the truck she sold, all paid off and we then had good cooked meals with meat to eat. Yipeee!!!


It was very common to put a pillow on the windowsill and lean out to watch the people in the streets. Living on 7th Ave was much more to see in this neighborhood, because we were on the corner of the avenue. You could see the 7th avenue and 52nd Street. That was what the Witch did every day. There was a day the Witch was looking out the window and noticed my sister walking down the block. Then she saw a dog following my sister to our front door. The Witch got so excited, started yelling at me to stop that dog from coming up the stairs to our apartment. I ran into the hallway and saw my sister coming up the stairs with a man behind her. He was very tall with dark eyes and dark hair and he had a serious look on his face. He said to me, I need to speak to your mother. The Witch was coming to the door yelling, get that dog out of here. She then stopped saw the man and the Witch looked like she was in shock, you could see it in her face. There was only one way into the building besides the fire escape in the kitchen. I had to guess she saw the dog go into the building and now a man is standing in front of her. The Witch confirmed that a day or two later. He looked at her and said I need to speak to you its very important. She pushed us aside and told us to go into the back rooms. The Witch let him in. We got close to the living so we could hear what they were talking about. He spoke very quietly. My mother was writing things down, and taking notes. I thought that was strange she never listened to anyone. The Witch looked memorized. I did hear some words like you need to be protected spiritually and he was telling her how to do that. My sister and I looked at each other after hearing that and said they both must be crazy. The man got up and started to go out the door. My mother ran to the window and told me to watch him in the hallway. I saw him go down the stairs. I then went to my mother and told her he went down the stairs. The Witch then said go all the way downstairs because he did not come out the front door. I went down and out to the street looked up at that Witch hanging out the window and said that man is not here. Her face went as white as a ghost. How strange he just disappeared. The next day the Witch wrote down the items she wanted me to get from the store. Items like Spanish chalk and camphor and the holy water they sold in the Spanish store on 4th Ave. I went and came back with the items. Then I watched her drawing lines above the doorway with the chalk, and put more above the windows. She took the camphor and put it in water and then put it under the beds. I thought the Witch was losing it. I never said anything to her, I just do what I was told and never asked questions . A few days later we all were sitting in the living room watching TV, and then we hear 3 knocks on the front door. I opened it and no one was there. Later that night, someone came down from the apartment upstairs and said there is a dead woman upstairs call for help. That was strange 3 knocks and then someone was dead. What a strange and bizarre week we had. This now was a pattern that seemed to form, because then it happed a few more times in that year. Till this day I believe if I hear the sound of the 3 knocks, I know from experience that death will follow.  

A friend of mine from grammar school just reminded me that my mother taught her how to read the cards. She had a project for school and used a deck of witches cards to show and tell. The Witch switched from being mean to welcoming my friends into the house. My friends were able to even a sleepover my house. If anyone was in trouble now she would help them and sometimes she took them in. The Witch was in a happy place in the kitchen. She loved to cook, she was good at it. This was not the only thing she did with food or condiments. The Witches were cooking up spells too. The eggs sometimes were used to separate or remove crazy people from their lives. The recipes made on that wooden table were the best white Witch spells that really worked. When you do a spell in the right way it helps to release the negative energy and have a great sense of peace and harmony.