I learned early how to multi-task, that was the only way to make sure you had a buck. Never mind that the Witch made hers from anything that fell off a truck. She taught me well. I would watch her read everyone’s cards and that was for free, then make sure they saw the items she put out on the couch. She knew they would buy something and the Witch made money. That went on all the time  when lived on 49th st. I also networked with the customers at the custard store where I worked. I would let them know when I was on the corner shining shoes. I bought my shoe shine box from the money I made at the custard store. When someone needed a shine they would find me, they were loyal customers. On that same corner of 49th st. at Christmas time I would deliver Christmas trees for a quarter. Let us not forget babysitting on the weekend nights. The Witch was a good teacher, being on Welfare gave me the drive to get more. The food we received from Welfare was horrible. The lines were long and so not worth it, but we had many mouthes to feed. We would get powdered milk, powdered mashed potatoes and a long block of cheese that tasted as bad as it looked., plus the spam we received instead of ham. Now that we moved up to 7th ave. we wanted even more. The bigger apartment we needed items to fill this big space. The Witch started putting furniture and stuff on layaway. She still had the stuff that fell off the truck to sell to pay it off. Now people from the old neighborhood would come and new neighbors too all to have their cards read. The Witch was busy reading all the time. I now worked for the donut shop and my uncle hired me when he had odd jobs to do for people. I was his helper and worked like a dog. He gave me a miter box, I felt so important. Who knew his motive was to make me work harder than ever. He would put up wall panels and I would cut the moldings with my miter box. We painted, put up wallpaper and everything else. He taught me how to place the wallpaper on the walls. He also showed me how to make it a straight line by using a string and a heavy object like scissors on the bottom of the string to keep it from moving. Then I would place it at the top of the ceiling and let it hang to the floor. This would make a straight line and I would line up the paper to paste it on the wall. My uncle always gave me a few bucks for a hard day’s work. The Witch now was starting a new network. There was a man that offered her a job to do at home. It was piece work and for pennies, she had to do many pieces to add up to dollars. She would get a gross of pieces that would be glued, linked together with needle-nose pliers or just attach these small items to make earrings or necklaces. He paid her $15 a gross. Well, the Witch had a great idea, by giving out the work and making money on that work. The Witch then had the whole neighborhood wanting to work at home with this jewelry. She paid them $10 for every gross they did. The Witch was in the dough, she made $5 on every gross that was put together by anyone wanting to make a few extra bucks. Times were tuff so they were many moms doing this homework while caring for their children. They all still came and got their free reading while picking up their work. What a gig, she was one smart bitch of a Witch. That maneuver gave her the money to buy meat at the butcher. The piece work and items from the truck she sold, all paid off and we then had good cooked meals with meat to eat. Yipeee!!!

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