My father came from a large family. It was very common for death to knock on our door, they had a lot of tragedies in my father’s family. This made the Witch and her in-laws go to the table more often. They would take out the cards, Ouija, and the ESP board looking for answers. They used to sit around and I would hear them say the phase “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, who is the next one to go”.The mission was to find out how an accident happened, or just to find out where or when it happened and what or who was next. They used all avenues to find out. So that meant all hands on deck (cards, Ouija, and the ESP board). The cards would tell if other people were there or how it happened. The Ouija and ESP board would spell out the names or places they needed. Sometimes the cards would say a young man will be dying soon and the ESP board would disagree and say an older man was dying. It was no surprise to these Witches when that happened, to see two deaths, one young man and one older man would pass within weeks of each other. Naturally, if someone was very sick in their family people in the neighborhood would come and look for the same answers. The Witch predicted many deaths and they were always spot on. I remember one time they had a Seance the same week after burying one of the relatives. They all gathered at a relatives house far away and sat at the big round table holding hands. I was a young teen then and thought they were just nuts. Sitting with the cousins and siblings in the living room we could hear them very clearly. My mother and another relative were the only ones talking to the spirits on the other side, I knew this because the names they were calling were dead. They kept asking one relative who died for money. They were very sure he was going to help them. Then I saw the Witch jump up and said he told me to go into the bathroom. Now everyone at the table went there too. My mother started pulling down a dixie cup they had in a dispenser. A $20 bill came out, boy that was some trick I thought, except no one had money. She did that a few times and they were all in their glory. They got three $20 bills from doing that. I saw this with my own eyes, it happened that one time but never again. Another way the Witch would call on the other side was just sitting with a person who wanted to connect to their loved one by taking out the cards. They would start by asking questions to the person who passed. The Witch got answers and the persons who came were always glad my mother could help them get answers. There were all kinds of questions, there was no end to their mission or answers they wanted to get. There was so much death back then it was a ritual to go to a wake in a funeral home at least once a year. This made the young girls in the neighborhood getting pregnant early in life a breath of fresh air. That was common, back then young girls getting pregnant out of wedlock. There was never a dull moment !!!

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