It was a hot summer day. I was hanging out the window and saw a pregnant woman running into my building. She was someone we knew from the neighborhood, I knew her well. She was running up the stairs screaming help me find that dirty dog. The woman was crying and screaming at the same time. By the time she reached our door at the top of the steps she was having a hard time breathing. She ran into our kitchen where the Witch and two other relatives were sitting, as usual reading cards at the table. The woman sat down they all tried to console her. She begged my mom to help her find her husband. She explained to them before leaving the house her husband was all dressed up with plenty of cologne on. The Witch stood up pointed at me and said “It’s time for you to show us what you are capable of.” The Witch told me to sit at the head of the table next to the woman and handed me the deck of cards. I gave the cards to the woman and asked her to shuffle them. I then took them back and placed the cards in the layout which was very familiar to me. I could do that layout in my sleep because of the many years watching my mom lay them out. The cards spoke of her worries of losing her husband. She had two children and another on the way. Money was tight and I believed that to be true. Her husband was not giving in all that he made and hid money from his wife. The cards were also saying he did traveling while he made money, the wife confirmed he was a cab driver. It got worse when I had to explain to her he was cheating and this wasn’t the first time he cheated. I kept reading and she kept crying. All she could say was “Where is he, I need to find him!” The Witch got up and went into the living room to get the boards. This was weird, me reading and my mom & aunts were quiet until the woman demanded to find him. The Witch came back and put the ESP board and the Ouija board on the table, she handed me the pendulum. I moved the pendulum around top of the board. I asked the board to tell me “Where is John?” The ESP board gave me a telephone number and said to ask for Jack. It did that a few times. The Witch then took that board away, and she wrote down everything it said. Then gave me the Ouija board, I moved the heart-shaped piece with a needle in the middle of the board and around the board. It spelled out the name Jack and gave the same number as the ESP board. I remember I was feeling kind of spooky. I don’t know why, maybe because I was doing all of this myself. I watched my mother for years do these things and just thought she was crazy, now I felt crazy. It was surreal!! The ESP and Ouija board were talking the same talk. The Witch jumped up and said let’s call that number and handed me the phone. I dialed the number after a few rings a man answered the phone and said “Harry’s Bar and Grill”, who you looking for? I said “I would like to speak to Jack”. I waited then a man with a familiar voice said “This is Jack”. I hung up the phone immediately, it was John and he knew my voice. Hanging up was the only thing I could think of.  I didn’t want him to know it was me. All the woman at the table were starring at me and said “What are you doing?” I told them what happened now the faces of these women were surely showing signs they were on a mission. Here we go and now I am the leader of this pack. I had to call back that number and find out where Harry’s Bar and Grill was located. I got the address it was in Queens. Could it get any more complicated than this, no one had a car.  I was instructed to go down to the bar below and get someone to drive us to Queens. 

We lived in Brooklyn and just thinking of Queens was like a faraway place from us. AI had to go downstairs to rope a dope someone and really talk the talk for them to help me.  I found a guy to drive us I convinced him we needed to get to Queens to help a relative. He believed me he drove the three of us, the wife of John, my Aunt and myself to Queens. Years ago guys were different they just helped any woman in distress. That was a time you just reacted and did whatever it took to get things done. At the time, I really didn’t think of what we were doing. We arrived to Queens, the driver pulled up in front of the bar. Before I could get out of the car, John’s wife jumped out of the car.  She ran into the bar, I was running after her. She sees her husband at the bar kissing a young girl. She attacked him punching, screaming and cursing up a storm.  She then pulls the girl’s hair and drags her down to the floor. What a scene!!!! I was trying to break them up and got beaten up myself.  The drama finally stopped, the wife and husband went home by themselves. The guy who drove me was so mad at me, he felt terrible for that husband.

I thought to myself he was not seeing the real picture here. The driver and I had our own arguments on the way home.  I lied to him about a relative needing help and that made him mad as a dog. I said we had to catch that dirty dog, his wife was pregnant and he shouldn’t be cheating on her. I kept trying to explain my side to the driver he didn’t want to hear it. It must be a man thing they could do no wrong.

This was such a crazy day in the life of a Witch!!! I am talking about my mother who went beyond to catch a dirty cheating dog belonging to someone else. This was true of course because the Witch had her own experiences with her own dirty dog, my father. It was my first big mission I think I did well and so well that I was taught a good lesson. I did learn after that to never to get in the middle of others peoples affairs, not only was exhausting I had many bruises from getting in the middle of a husband and his pregnant wife. ……

I learned my lesson fast. Ha ha ha ….

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