I worked at a donut shop as a counter girl from the age of thirteen to the age of seventeen. This gave me another nickname which was Dolly donuts. The last donut shop I worked at was on Fulton and Flatbush Ave. This was a bigger donut shop which made it popular with the cops from the neighborhood Precinct. They came in and out all day long. Almost every one of them wanted me to meet their front desk trainee, his name was Charlie Deebs. The cops would have to call into the precinct when they were on break so they used the phone in the shop. Charlie would answer the calls and they would put me on the phone to speak to him. These cops were very determined to get us together. After a while, it became very natural to talk to him. Charlie would make me laugh which was unusual I was always the one to make others laugh. I did tell the Witch that I was talking to the trainee, before I knew it the gang of witches let me know they knew too. You couldn’t keep a secret from the Witch and her 52 people, her cards. They were wondering when I was going to tell them about Charlie. The Witch gave me the scoop on the trainee. She stated “my cards don’t like him and if you were smart get out now!” I was curious so I sat at the table and watched her draw the cards. One card was darker than the other, it said he was a fox and a schemer he had an overindulgence I would not want to deal with. I didn’t tell these Witches sitting at the table I had no intention of listening to the cards. I was very young and strong-minded and thought I could change fate. The Witch always had a comment before I left for work she let me know I was choosing a bad guy. I thought they would have been happy because this guy had a real job. Most of the guys in the neighborhood were in the schoolyard passed out on the floor from doing heavy drugs or a drop out working at the local supermarket. Charlie was from Bensonhurst his family owned a two-family house with a two-car garage. He had a mother, two brothers and father who came home every day after work. I went to their house and it seemed so normal the mother in the kitchen cooking and the father at the table reading a newspaper talking about stocks and the market. Not like our dysfunctional family, the section in the newspaper they went to first was to see if anyone hit the number so they could collect their money from their local bookmaker. If they were lucky the won $300. The other section of the newspaper they looked at was the races which were going to run that day. It was very important to check it before calling the bookmaker they had to choose the right jockey or trainer of the horse they would bet on. They would be drinking and it wasn’t coffee. I thought it was strange for a father to be home all the time and not even drinking booze. I didn’t see at the time what the cards were saying was true. The Witch also let me know when the cards would tell her that Charlie had other girlfriends. I felt like I was fighting the cards and the Witch was off on her readings. She was good and helped many women know the truth about their men. I would see Charlie day and night we went to the bar where my father was working. They didn’t like him because he was a cop and they were crooks. What else did I expect?  I was against the odds but still I was sure he was the one. His mother started giving me trouble, she told Charlie to leave me because I came from the bars and people in bars are trash. Needless to say, no one wanted us together. I learned well from the Witch, I did a spell to keep everyone at bay and away from breaking us up. My father died within the year Charlie came into my life. The Witch and my father didn’t talk to me because of Charlie, I ran away and got married. It is sad my Dad died not talking to me. I was hurt because he was my heart even though he wasn’t a good father I loved him very much!     Let’s cut to the chase… After marrying Charlie I was doing the cards all the time to find out where he was and what he was up to.  Yep, the cards were right he smoked pot all the time which I never knew. He drank which I believed was my fault because I got him a side job at the bar. He had many girlfriends, talk about how love is blind, boy oh boy I knew that all too well. The first year we were married I had gotten pregnant, I was only eighteen at the time. I worked at the telephone company on the switchboard and now was pregnant.  I became curious about my own telephone number, there was only one section on the switchboard for verifying.  This was where you could go in on a telephone number and make sure the busy signal was real. People would call worried about their loved ones, so we would check the line and confirm they were on the line. The cards told me again and again, I would catch him so I decided to go into my own telephone line to see if anyone was calling me. I then heard Charlie on the line with a girl, telling her he loved her. I ran out of work to go home, when I got there he was gone. He wrote me a letter telling me “he was sorry”. This was the start of my nightmare that had me sitting at the kitchen table with the Witch and all the others. As usual, we would bring out the cards and the big guns to find that dirty rotten cheater. Needless to say, I was still helping my mom with money I did promise my dad I would always take care of her and the children since he couldn’t and he knew he was dying young. I had to work two jobs to do that and having my own son, Charlie was never home was very hard. One day, I did the ESP board at my moms and it said go home now. I thought to myself, this is strange no one would be there.  So we then asked the cards a question “should I go home” it said “Yes”. The Ouija was brought out we asked the Ouija board and it said the same thing, “Go home!”.  I left my son with my mother and went home. There they were a girl and my husband in my bed.  Let’s just say what a fight we had.   I was crazy back then certainly not going to let anyone make a fool out of me and let them get what’s coming to them. I left the next day my son was only one years old. I was giving my mom money to help run the house,  why not go and live back with them and I knew my son would have plenty of kids to play with. Then we started a new venture and went back to live with my mom and siblings. This was the start of a path that made the roller coaster look like a walk in the park.

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