It was very common to put a pillow on the windowsill and lean out to watch the people in the streets. Living on 7th Ave was much more to see in this neighborhood, because we were on the corner of the avenue. You could see the 7th avenue and 52nd Street. That was what the Witch did every day. There was a day the Witch was looking out the window and noticed my sister walking down the block. Then she saw a dog following my sister to our front door. The Witch got so excited, started yelling at me to stop that dog from coming up the stairs to our apartment. I ran into the hallway and saw my sister coming up the stairs with a man behind her. He was very tall with dark eyes and dark hair and he had a serious look on his face. He said to me, I need to speak to your mother. The Witch was coming to the door yelling, get that dog out of here. She then stopped saw the man and the Witch looked like she was in shock, you could see it in her face. There was only one way into the building besides the fire escape in the kitchen. I had to guess she saw the dog go into the building and now a man is standing in front of her. The Witch confirmed that a day or two later. He looked at her and said I need to speak to you its very important. She pushed us aside and told us to go into the back rooms. The Witch let him in. We got close to the living so we could hear what they were talking about. He spoke very quietly. My mother was writing things down, and taking notes. I thought that was strange she never listened to anyone. The Witch looked memorized. I did hear some words like you need to be protected spiritually and he was telling her how to do that. My sister and I looked at each other after hearing that and said they both must be crazy. The man got up and started to go out the door. My mother ran to the window and told me to watch him in the hallway. I saw him go down the stairs. I then went to my mother and told her he went down the stairs. The Witch then said go all the way downstairs because he did not come out the front door. I went down and out to the street looked up at that Witch hanging out the window and said that man is not here. Her face went as white as a ghost. How strange he just disappeared. The next day the Witch wrote down the items she wanted me to get from the store. Items like Spanish chalk and camphor and the holy water they sold in the Spanish store on 4th Ave. I went and came back with the items. Then I watched her drawing lines above the doorway with the chalk, and put more above the windows. She took the camphor and put it in water and then put it under the beds. I thought the Witch was losing it. I never said anything to her, I just do what I was told and never asked questions . A few days later we all were sitting in the living room watching TV, and then we hear 3 knocks on the front door. I opened it and no one was there. Later that night, someone came down from the apartment upstairs and said there is a dead woman upstairs call for help. That was strange 3 knocks and then someone was dead. What a strange and bizarre week we had. This now was a pattern that seemed to form, because then it happed a few more times in that year. Till this day I believe if I hear the sound of the 3 knocks, I know from experience that death will follow.  

A friend of mine from grammar school just reminded me that my mother taught her how to read the cards. She had a project for school and used a deck of witches cards to show and tell. The Witch switched from being mean to welcoming my friends into the house. My friends were able to even a sleepover my house. If anyone was in trouble now she would help them and sometimes she took them in. The Witch was in a happy place in the kitchen. She loved to cook, she was good at it. This was not the only thing she did with food or condiments. The Witches were cooking up spells too. The eggs sometimes were used to separate or remove crazy people from their lives. The recipes made on that wooden table were the best white Witch spells that really worked. When you do a spell in the right way it helps to release the negative energy and have a great sense of peace and harmony.

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