Tightrope Tierney…Tightwad Pop/Teabags…Diner…Cops in Donut Shop. Verrazano Bridge…$20 Bet/Pop in Psych Ward…How Crazy can Life Get?

I was in my late teens back then when I changed my job to work a much bigger donut shop. This was on Fulton and Flatbush ave. the donut shop connected the two avenues from the front of the store to the back. Boy, I was in the dough then. It had three counters that wrapped around. I was so busy making money, I was in my glory. I bought better clothes and shoes, oh boy I was in style. The neighborhood cops would always come in and out all day. I felt protected and safe. I took the train down to Dekalb Ave after school every day. I didn’t have far to walk, the train station was on the corner near the donut shop. Juniors restaurant was across the street and there was a college not far from the donut shop. Talk about a busy area this was it. I was even invited by the college students to join the parties on the weekend. The cops that came in regularly talked about their trainee that worked their front desk at the Precinct. They wanted me to meet him, his name was Charlie Deebs. Got real friendly with the cops that came in and out all day. This felt weird because my father was a crook and the bars I grew up in were all wise guys. My father had to be the only Irishman they allowed in their circle. I didn’t meet that trainee until later months. I did date a few young cops. I would bring them to the bar where my father was tending sometimes. This was stupid what was I thinking. My father was such a charmer he made fun of them. He would even tell them don’t ever get out of order I might just shoot you with your gun. My father meant it too. I then learned never to say I was related to him. I warned my dad I wouldn’t go there if he told them he was my father. I knew he wanted me there so he listened. One night I had a date brought them to the bar and later we went to the diner. This was a ritual back then. You danced and drank all night and always went to the neighborhood dinner afterward. My father followed us. I saw he sat in a booth in the back but I could see him very clearly. My father was drunk and quiet for a change. He knew not to act as he knew me. My date noticed him and started laughing. I said what’s so funny. He said that guy over there ordered a cup of hot water and pulled out a tea bag made his tea and started eating the crackers and jelled that were on the table. Yes, this was my dad so embarrassing, he had no shame. I was more embarrassed when the guy found out it was my dad. The next day I gave my dad a piece of my mind. He told me I should be grateful you can’t trust anyone and he was looking out for me. I had to accept this crazy man he was after all my father. One day I went into work so happy knowing I might meet this trainee Deebs. Everyone in the shop knew me as Dolly, this was my nickname. When one of the cops came in hysterical and waving the newspaper. I thought he is crazy. He slapped it down on the counter where other officers were and said look at this. Frontpage big as day, my father getting pulled down from the bridge. Headlines read “Tightrope Tierney climbs Verrazano Bridge”. Oh boy, I was so sick, I thought I was going to throw up. One of the cops said are you ok you look a little pale. If he only knew then that it was my father on the front page. Thank God no one knew my real name was Emily Tierney. I told my boss I had to leave my mother called and demanded that I come home right away. I left the donut shop so quick I forgot my tips. I went home and the Witch was waiting for me downstairs at the front door. We jumped in a cab and went to the VA hospital where my father was in the psych ward. There we were all sitting around a big table and my father in a straight jacket. He looked so mad. My dad kept saying it was only a $20 bet to climb the bridge that is why I did it. He wanted my mother to admit he was a betting man. My father keeps yelling at my mom to tell the doctors he was not insane. This Witch was as calm as could be with a smirk on her face. The Witch stood up took my hand and said let’s go and turned to the doctors and said you really should check him out he is crazy. My father was cursing and saying Edie I am gonna kill you for this. My mom just turned to the doctor and said see I told you he is crazy. I have six children of his and he wants to kill me, ha. I would say my mother let him stew in that crazy place for at least a month. Then she went down to sign him out when he calmed down and knew he needed her to get out. He was never violent ever, not to her nor us children. He was crazy in his way of the lifestyle he leads. My father was just glad togged out and round around again. He stayed home a week or two made my mother happy then went back to his crazy girlfriends and the bars. He was nicer to my mom and still afraid of going back to that psych ward. The moral of this story is never mess with a woman who has been betrayed by a man. They can lock you up and throw away the key. He was lucky that Witch loved him beyond. 

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