I am looking back at a time before we made the move to Staten Island, the move made an important impact on us all. My mother had a new great outlook on life, but her body wasn’t doing so well. I think all those years of chasing my dad and our horrible living conditions took a toll on her health. She was hospitalized quite a few times, the doctors were many in her life, all with different specialties. She had a blood disorder that caused blood clots, lupus, cancer, an enlarged spleen and liver problems. Go figure, my father did all the drinking and my mother had a bad liver. Let’s remember the Witch always went to the table for answers. Her 52 friends, the cards, would help her decide on doctors, surgery and anything else that came up. In my family we did not do anything without consulting the cards first, even for medical issues. One time she was asking the card about a medical issue for herself and the cards told her a child would get sick and have serious problems. I had taken my son every weekend to his grandparent’s house to visit them. Not having any grandparents myself, I always wanted him to see his. My son was really hoping his father would show up but he never did. My son’s dad was a lousy son to his parents and horrible father to my son. On one of his visits to his grandparents, my son came home with a head injury. I asked my son “how did you get that?” He said that he was standing in front of the Johnny pump, the water was turned on, it threw him in the air, and he landed on his head. A short time after that day we had a Tierney family reunion in Upstate NY. I had filmed the entire weekend and everything we did together. While we were still upstate, I decided to watch the video, I noticed my son was in the middle of approximately 20 of his cousins, he was just starring and turning in a circle. I asked the other children what was going on, they replied “Michael does that all the time and doesn’t answer anyone”. I immediately took him to the doctors, I then saw it for myself, he was in a trans like state. They diagnosed him with idiopathic epilepsy and gave him medication. The medication didn’t help at all, he got worse. Naturally we went to the cards and they advised us to see other doctors. We really listened to the cards and did exactly that. We were dealing with so many medical problems all at once, between my mom who had a change of heart and now had real heart issues too. I took my son from doctor to doctor. His learning was impaired and sometimes his speech was affected too. My cards were telling me to travel to a different doctor and to go over water, I thought it was Staten Island. It wasn’t, I did go to NYC and finally started to find some answers. He was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain. I was going to work day and night to make as much money as I could to pay for his care and doctors. His father was a cop and was covered by GHI. Unfortunately for us none of the specialist or doctors took GHI so I had to pay up front for his treatment. I would complete and submit the medical forms hoping to recoup some of the funds but since the insurance was in his father’s name the reimbursement check would go to him and he kept all the money. He didn’t care about anyone but himself. 

I went down to the PBA office explained the situation and the answer I received was “Sorry Lady we pay the member only”. It didn’t matter that I paid the bills, the fact was we were divorced, and he got the money. I was beside myself, I had an ill child who might have brain surgery and he was stealing my money that I needed for my child’s care. A few years later, exhausted and tired of not getting any child support, paying all the doctor’s bills, I took Michael’s father to court for support. It cost several thousand dollars plus my time, effort and energy.  The courts loved cops they told him to pay but he enjoyed wasting my time in court costing more and more every month that went by.  He embarrassed the judge and never paid a red cent to me, so they were forced to garnish his paycheck for a big $25 a week, what a joke, shame on them!!!  Favoritism at its best.  I found out at some point, if you own a home and do not work you can get Medicaid. So I applied and was approved. My mother now had to apply for Medicaid as well. She never worked, only at home. What a mess and what a pickle we were in. No child support, no medical insurance, at least not one that would pay for my son’s treatment/care. I went from chasing drunks to chasing doctors and clinics. The Witches were at the table often, looking to see if they would survive these illnesses. One aunt decided to move away from the table and suggested we all should go to a healing mass. There was a healing mass in Worcester, MA. We left on our journey and arrived a few days early just to get seats up front. It was a Roman Catholic Church, there were thousands of people in attendance Father Ralph DiOrio was the healing priest. We had slept on the steps of this church and were the first in line. I believe that a miracle happened that day. My son was blessed by Father DiOrio, who was standing next to him. My son fell to the floor. It was so surreal, I cannot explain it in words, the feelings that we felt just from being near this priest. I also believe my son is alive today because of that healing. He was blessed and healed from God through Father DiOrio sacred hands. There is nothing stronger than the Power of Faith. So back to Staten Island we went happy he was blessed. I went back to driving all day to doctors and working all night. My mother never drove or had a license, so it was up to me to get everyone to their appointments. I was chief cook and bottle washer in every sense of the word. The cards were still dark with illnesses even poor Fred my mother’s boyfriend had lung cancer. I was taking all three of them to chemo clinics and radiation, I didn’t have a chance to catch my breath. To top things off, my youngest brother almost went into a coma from juvenile diabetes. I remember one day walking out of the drugstore with a shopping bag in a daze, I was still looking for the right doctor, who knew it was right underneath my feet. I worked at a nightclub in Brooklyn and one of my co-workers had a child with a spinal issue, she had a Neuro pediatric surgeon for her child.  We previously had a dinner party for him and many fundraisers for the cause. I now found myself at his office with my son consulting on his brain surgery. It surely is a small world. The cards now told me that we were in the right place for my son. We spent the next few years with many, many, health issues for several who lived in our household. That did not stop us from having fun we had our pool parties, Sunday dinners and many other parties that my mom would think of. Let’s not forget making chocolate houses and other chocolate creations to give to the nurses and doctors who cared for them. 

We even sold the chocolates to make extra money. They also did ceramics which I believe was the best therapy. Many were sick but all were happy in our house. The cards were still on the table at night with my aunts and cousins doing what they did best, read each other. I was sorry I did not listen to the cards back then, the man I chose to be my son’s father was a rotten human being. I guess my son’s soul was meant to be here with me and I am forever blessed. I was young and blind, but all worked out in the end. That old saying youth is wasted on the young well I have a better saying that involves the 52 people (the cards) “Great vision is wasted on the vision seeker” no one really listens.


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